Oh, The People You’ll Meet

One of the things I like best about Pinedale is the hidden talents you find in so many of our residents and visitors.  Last weekend I found out that one of our head cooks built her own tow behind camping trailer.  She just found the plans on the internet and built it in her garage.  Amazing…to me at least.  A concert pianist here, an ultra-marathoner there.  This is certainly a community where you don’t judge a book by its cover.

One of those types of visitors stopped by our varsity football game last Friday.  Morgan Tyree is an Assistant Professor of Graphics at Northwest College in Powell.  Morgan writes a blog called Small Town High School Football.  Since 1997, Morgan has been going to see football games in “places in this country where football’s innocence is preserved and celebrated in a grass roots setting.”  It’s a great read and a unique take, at least in my opinion, on what’s really great about high school football in places like Pinedale.  I hope you will take the time to read his post about Pinedale and our game last Friday night.

There’s also a great lesson here for our students about finding and living your passions.  It’s obvious that Mr. Tyree has found a way to incorporate his love of football, photography, and travel into something that he not only does, but something he can share with others.  So whatever it is you like to do, pursue it with a passion.  And find a way to share it with someone else.  You just never know what kind of positive impact you’ll have on the people you meet.

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2 Responses to Oh, The People You’ll Meet

  1. Rollie Myers says:

    You certainly are right about the hidden talents of people you meet here and, also, of the people in this community.

  2. Greg Anderson says:

    Friday night lights Pinedale version. Great to get a Win at home. Hopefully, Mr Tyree will return someday to watch the Sublette County version of the “Border War”. This way he could get a great feeling of Grass Roots football in Wyoming!

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