The Multiple Facets of Technology

As most of you know, SCSD #1 has made a huge commitment to the integration of technology into our curriculum and our instructional methods.  Next year, all students in grades 3-8 will have their own mobile device to use each day.  And the high school will have a wide range of mobile devices for their students to use including iPads, laptops, Macbooks, and more.  In the majority of our classrooms, the technology is used as a tool to improve student engagement and teach 21st century skills like collaboration, accessing information, analyzing data, and creating digital products.  But this investment isn’t limited to just computers.

In some classrooms, the technology is actually the curriculum.  One such instance would be Mr. Proud’s Mechanical Drafting courses.  Students in this course have begun to work with a 3D prototyper.  This machine, which the students constructed, can create any 3D image the students can design.  The prototyper allows the students to “print” their 3D images in plastic.  So far the students have constructed a variety of objects the students have designed including chess pieces and a yo-yo.  Eventually they hope to “print” three dimensional models of the houses they design in our drafting courses.  In an effort to further advance the connections our students are making between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), the district will be remodeling Mr. Proud’s classroom space this summer to bring state of the art technology to this content area.

See the pictures of the 3D prototyper in action below.  If you want to see video of the 3D prototyper working, click here and here.  Things sure have come a long way from the days when I built a bird house in shop class.

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