We REALLY Give at the Office…

I just received a memo from the Wyoming Department of Education.  It contains a lot of “in accordance with”, “subject to”  and “in conjunction with” statements, but the gist of the entire letter can be found in the first line of the second paragraph.

It states, “The estimated recapture amount to be remitted to the State is $100,913,553.98.”   It would be nice if I had something pithy to say right about now…but I don’t.   We’re sending $100M to the State from the SCSD #1 coffers.  Would I feel better if all of that money were going to other school districts?  Yes.  Is it?  I don’t know for sure, but the people who I know that seem to know…don’t think so.  The next time I get a call from WDE, I’m going to answer the phone with, “We gave at the office.”


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Superintendent of Sublette County School District #1
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4 Responses to We REALLY Give at the Office…

  1. Rollie Myers says:

    That is almost beyond belief. It’s hard for me to fathom.

  2. Chris Rule says:

    Truly unfathomable… Without fathom…

  3. Mark Pape says:

    But the key here is the word “recapture”. Understanding the model that determines this “recapture” is the real excercise in futility.

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