Mango es impresionante…y libre!

I’m not shy about saying how much I love the Sublette County Library.  It’s awesome.  And now I find out you can get access to Mango Languages for free through your local library in Wyoming.  If you ever wanted to learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian, Russian or even Tagalog (no I didn’t make that up), now is your chance.  And at no cost. I’m sure you could pay hundreds of dollars for a similar program that we’ve all seen on television.  But you don’t have to because you are fortunate enough to live in Wyoming!  And they say “No hay tal cosa como almuerzo gratis.”  

Below is the link to sign up.  It took me less than five minutes to get started learning.

Mango Sign Up

And parents, there’s no shortage of research that indicates learning a foreign language correlates with higher academic achievement.  In addition, the research shows learning a foreign language translates to better reading abilities and the language abilities translate from one language to another.

So thank you Sublette County Library and Wyoming State Library.  Let’s dive right in and begin learning that second language you’ve always wanted to speak.  Gratis is good, in any language!

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Superintendent of Sublette County School District #1
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3 Responses to Mango es impresionante…y libre!

  1. Sid Stanfill says:

    Thanks for helping publicize one of the excellent resources available to library patrons throughout Wyoming.

    This link will take you to Mango Languages through the Sublette County Libraries’ website. (You will need your library card number and PIN to sign up.)

  2. Greg Anderson says:

    very nice. I will sign up for some additional french!

  3. Joseph Fatheree says:

    I can’t think of a time in our nation’s history when it is more important for our students to be fluent in multiple languages than today. The world has grown progressively smaller over the last few years. The ability of our students to communicate across a wide array of different spectrums (including language and technology) is an absolute must if America wants to maintain its foothold as a global leader. Kudos on your local library recognizing that fact, and offering those extended services to its patrons.

    Joseph Fatheree

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