Pinedale Pure Performance

I just wanted to take a moment to direct your attention to a new blog at Pinedale High School.  Pinedale Pure Performance was started by Pinedale High School teacher and coach Eric Oram and is all about understanding the effects of lifestyle on athletic and academic performance.   Eric is dedicated to improving the athletic and academic performance of our student athletes by adding a little of the latest science to old-fashioned skill and a desire to win.  We all want our athletic programs to be more successful, and Eric has taken the initiative to bring us a program that is proven to motivate students and improve athletic performance.  So follow Eric’s advice and get involved today…

“When is the right time to start improving yourself and working towards your goals.  The time is NOW!  Get on board and live the life of an athlete!  Each and every day is a choice.  Make the right one!  Be here NOW!  It means that you will take advantage of the time you have to improve yourself.  Live in the moment and use your time wisely.  Don’t waste class time.  Be an active part of class.  Dont waste practice time!  Be there!  BE HERE NOW!

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