Comment from Dr. Tom Johnston

Below is a comment that Dr. Johnston posted in response to my blog “Information from the Sublette County Assessor’s Office”. I thought it bared repeating.

The district evaluations for educational purposes are essentially the same per state regulations and state formula. Return District 102 (with a ribbon). Property tax receipts/equality are not a function of a political entity– only of the market place, and that is not possible to regulate or equate. The inequalities of County funding are dramatic. What happened to the concept of cross county participation –it is present in athletics– why are the BP residents reluctant to take significant advantage of the current SD1 BOCES offerings? What is the SD9 valuation estimated to be when the Cimarex plant comes on-line in the near future? Why not wait and see? In the meantime, they are asking for a blank check for expenditures they will not reveal and that would devastate an ongoing established educational and recreational program that has proven successes.
In Conclusion—There is no reason to say anything but NO to these requests.


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Superintendent of Sublette County School District #1
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2 Responses to Comment from Dr. Tom Johnston

  1. Leanne Rellstab says:

    Doc, I agree, and hope you are at the meeting tonight.

    Jay, I love your blog, and the fact that you have it. It tells me that you care and are accesible to the community.

  2. Rollie Myers says:

    Doc has served this community in many areas and definitely knows what’s going on.
    As a former school board member he also understands the ins and outs of those in that position. I agree entirely with his comment and recommendation.

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