When You Look In The Dictionary Under Tough…

I ran a lot of track. My football coach made me. I didn’t much like it but I did it anyway. It can be a demanding sport, or at least I thought it was demanding at the time. But my school district didn’t have to MOBILIZE A SMALL ARMY just to clear the track of snow so I could compete. Welcome to Spring sports in Wyoming. I thought I was tough by enduring some cold rains and nasty winds that accompany an Illinois spring. I think it’s time to redefine tough. Hats off to our spring sport athletes and best of luck. As far as I’m concerned, your tough in anybody’s book.

And while we’re talking about tough guys, many thanks to Ted Nelson and our dedicated maintenance staff. It has been no small feat to keep our parking lots and sidewalks snow free this year. They have done an amazing job. Thanks guys.

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