The Perils of Dedication

Elementary principals are a special breed. They’ll do most anything to promote student achievement. I’ve seen them shave beards, mustaches and the occasional scalp. For those that prefer to keep their hair, they often dye it a wide variety of colors. I’ve seen them sleep on the roof of the school in a tent and sit in freezing dunk tanks.

Greg Legerski – PES Principal and Kevan Kennington – PES Assistant Principal challenged our elementary students to read 135,000 minutes in one month. The incentive? A chance to launch the proverbial pie in the face (or a total of 48 pies in the face) for our top readers. Being astute mathematics students Greg and Kevan chose the shortest month of the year in hopes that they might stay nice and clean well into March. I guess we all know what they say about the best laid plans…Thanks Greg and Kevan for your dedication to our students and Pinedale Elementary

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  1. Rae Lynne Later says:

    I am very proud to say that my second grader was one of the chosen to throw a pie in the Principal and Assistant Principal’s faces. Very proud!

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