AED’s and The Fast Forward Button

My first administrative job was as a high school principal in a small rural Illinois town. As farming was the only real industry in the area, most people commuted at least twenty or more minutes to their jobs if they didn’t farm. Working in town made me a prime candidate to serve as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT, which I did. At that time, Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) were emerging as a new technology to treat sudden cardiac arrest. Over the course of three years as an EMT, I had more than one opportunity to use an AED and I can tell you first hand they save lives.

Fast forward to 2011. Sublette County School District #1 recognizes the life saving capability of AED’s and we want to see at least one in each of our schools. The problem is that financially, SCSD #1 has returned to Earth and AED’s aren’t cheap (about $2,000 a piece with supplies). So I made a couple of phone calls, did a little paperwork and in relatively short order I’m speaking with Randy Teeuwen, the Public & Community Relations Advisor for Encana. He’s telling me how valuable these devices are and how much Encana supports our efforts. Fast forward again, a mere two weeks, and a $5,000 check from Encana lands on my desk for AED’s.

To be honest I was surprised. In my experience, that kind of commitment and response is…let’s just say it’s uncommon. And I felt that our commitment and response should match Encana’s, so an AED for each building was ordered the next day. We still need to raise additional funds to completely cover the cost of the AED’s, but I feel confident that we will reach our goal. I know you’ve all seen Easy Button in the Staples commercials. Although that would be nice, it’s not real. What is real, and very nice, is when a company like Encana allows you to push the fast forward button.

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Superintendent of Sublette County School District #1
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  1. Dari Quirk says:

    Fantastic! Thank you Encana!!
    Dari Quirk, Pinedale, WY

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