Youth Risk Behavior Survey for Students Grades 6-12

Each year the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) conducts the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS).   According to the WDE, the YRBS “monitors six categories of priority health-risk behaviors among Wyoming youth: behaviors that contribute to unintentional and intentional injuries, tobacco use, alcohol and other drug use, sexual behaviors, unhealthy dietary behaviors, and physical inactivity.”  The WDE has requested that both Pinedale Middle School and Pinedale High School participate in collecting this data.

At it’s December board meeting, the Board reviewed the YRBS prior to approving the District’s participation in the survey.  At that time, the Board decided that while the data has value, the survey may not be appropriate for all students and directed the district administrative team to inform students and parents that they are not required to take the survey and that they may opt out if they wish to do so.  Click Youth Risk Behavior Survey to see a copy of the survey.

If you would like to opt your student out of the survey, you may do this in one of two ways.  1) Any student can opt out of the survey on the day of administration by informing the proctor at that time.  2) A parent can opt out a student by providing the school office with a completed form.  Opt-out forms may be picked up at the school office or you can click PARENTAL OPT OUT – YRBS to download and print a copy. You may also access this information on the Superintendent’s Web Page.

The survey will given sometime in April. Reminders will be sent to parents before the survey is given.


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