Convenience vs. Safety

It appears that some discontent regarding added security is not limited to the check-in lines at the airport. This past fall, some of the door hardware at the high school began to fail. During the process of replacing it, we made the decision to add some additional security features. For those of you that have yet to enter the high school through the central office / auditorium doors during the school day, an open door has been replaced with a procedure that requires entrants to be buzzed in by school personnel. This has prompted a small number of individuals to express their discontent with the new safety features. We understand this extra step is an inconvenience, especially when the weather is cold, however we ask for your understanding in regards to student and staff safety. It is easy to think that the worst could never happen in Pinedale, but the reality is that it could happen anywhere. In the post-Columbine era, schools are faced with the continuing dilemma of providing an open and inviting atmosphere for students and parents while still maintaining appropriate security measures. Finding the right balance between safety and convenience is not an easy target to hit, but there is certainly no measure of convenience worth the well-being of one of our students or staff. We will continue to consider convenience when we evaluate additional safety features at our schools, however safety will remain the overriding factor.

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Superintendent of Sublette County School District #1
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